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College of Optometrists in Vision Development





Gina Canlas

Gina Canlas has a degree in nursing and has trained as a vision therapist with the Optometric Extension Program. She is the vision therapy manager of this clinic and is deeply involved  in the in-office vision therapy care we provide to our patients.

Maria Khan

Maria has a degree in early childhood education and developmental biology from Duke University.


Vision therapy and adults with convegence insufficiency

"Patients should be referred to a behavioral [also known as a developmental optometrist] or neuro-optometrist. It was also noted that referrals made to an ophthalmologist may be insufficient, as they are primarily concerned with the health of the eye only, and ophthalmologists are mostly experienced with acute medical problems rather than rehabilitation issues."

Raymond, et al. Rehabilitation of visual processing deficits following brain injury.NeuroRehabilitation 6 (1996) 229-240.


"Today, a relatively small group of optometrists still practice and continue to perfect optometric vision therapy techniques.  Yet, it is difficult for a strabismic patient to learn about, much less access, this type of clinician."

Dr. Susan Barry, 2010 Journal of the American Optometric Association 


TED: Ideas worth spreading

Neuroscientist (and adult vision therapy success story) Dr. Susan Barry gives a TED Talk about depth perception and vision therapy: