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Vision and Reading

Vision Therapy Vancouver: beyond 20/20

You need over 15 visual skills to succeed in reading, learning, sports, and in life.  Seeing 20/20' is just one of those visual skills; deficiencies in the others cannot be treated adequately with just glasses, contact lenses and/or patching, and are best resolved through a program of vision therapy (sometimes called "vision training") rehabilitation.

Vision therapy is based on the neuroplasticity of the brain and seeks to "rewire" or rehabilitate the neural connections between the eye and the brain. This approach is also common to occupational therapy and speech therapy.

Deficient visual and ocular- motor skills can negatively impact a patient’s success in academicssports, self-esteem and  life in general.  To address a patient's visual problems, an eye doctor will design an appropriate Vision Therapy program;  the objective is to "rewire" the eye-brain connection to develop proper visual, perceptual and ocular- motor abilities so that the patient can perform to his or her full potential in school and in life.  

Our developmental optometrists and behavioural optometrists test a patient’s visual and ocular-motor skill level to assess the need for Vision Therapy. Conditions we have successfully treated include: amblyopia, strabismusconvergence insufficiencystereopsis (lack of 3D vision), general binocular dysfunction, and vision information processing deficits (sometimes called visual skills deficits)

Vision Therapy plays an important role in1helping patients recover from brain injuries such as strokes that have resulted in visual impairment.

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Fixing my gaze bu Doctor Susan Barry








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